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Hi, my name is Franco...

Firstly, welcome to the website of Brainy Giraffe Programming. Nice to see you here!

I'm a freelance web developer with almost two years of experience in the field. I am a natural born problem solver that never says no to a challenge. It is my passion to automate and to make your life easier.

If you need a simple one page website, I,ve got you covered. If you need a complex web app with endless features, I will get it done. That goes for everything and anything inbetween.

My goal is to bring you a Premium product without draining your bank account, because I know that any small, or even medium sized business, needs every cent that they can get and I also know that every business needs a website. In this day and age almost no business could survive without being 'online', so let me make your dream website a reality...

My Projects...


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This is my proudest achievement, AfriCamb.co.za.

AfriCamb is a video streaming web app, built to help Afrikaans homeshoolers in South Africa learn the English Cambridge Curriculum in their mother tongue and to prepare the learners to be able to recall the content and answer questions in exams in English.

AfriCamb is a subscription service, fully integrated with a secure payment gateway from PayGate, as well as a complete registry and login system that keeps everybody who payed in, and everyone else out. This also includes a profile system, where you can change your login details, see what packages you have access to, keep track of your subscription details and where you can easily cancel your current subscription.

As mentioned before, AfriCamb is a video streaming site, where videos are streamed directly from AfriCamb servers to the learners' laptop, tablet or smartphone. Video progress is stored, so it is easy to keep track of what you have allready watched and also to pick up exactly where you left off.